BCD and SDD rethink well-being at BDW Summit 2019

Are you willing to unleash your creativity, and tackle both micro and complex macro challenges? Are you looking for new ideas, best-practices and tools on how to innovate for a balanced, sustainable and thriving future?

Under the topic Rethinking well-being, the Barcelona Design Week Summit 2019 will take place from 13 till 15 June, organised by BCD Barcelona Design Centre and Service Design Days, in collaboration with The Care LabandDesign Singapore Council


Towards society-centered innovation
We are moving from an era in which many organisations defined their own growth as the ultimate goal, to one in which growth is redefined as collective well-being, empowerment and participation. Thus, values as individualism, competition and market primacy are replaced by the new societal values and shared principles: trust, relationship and collaboration.

To contribute to this collective transition successfully, society-centered innovation must become the new standard for any organisation striving for sustainable impact. Moving from an emphasis on growth volumes to shared values. And from the individual context to inclusive and collective interest. Recent research shows that companies integrating social consciousness into their core operations reap multiple financial benefits.

The value of design
This is where design shows its value. Design that drives a better understanding of citizens, patients, consumers, students and all other types of customers, helping to identify their demands and hidden barriers. Design that empowers organisations and its people to create unique and valuable experiences to each and every person. Experiences that help organisations to achieve their missions – from spreading the power of optimism to helping people in every stage of their lives.

Creating shared value
The summit will engage you into the relevance of creating shared value and addressing societal challenges as a source of innovation and organisational growth. Inspiring change makers will share cases about services that have created valuable experiences: helping individuals to participate in society, becoming healthier, more empowered, and having a sense of belonging.

Whether focused on enabling human relationships with digital technology, or helping family members age gracefully, we will talk about designing service solutions to support well-being at every stage of people’s life. You will hear perspectives from different industries, contexts and stakeholders.

Discover the keynote speakers and the full programme including talks, best practices and masterclasses!