Zuzana Peskova

Service Designer, frog

Zuzana Peskova is Service Designer at frog, a global leading design consultancy and innovation strategy firm. She believes that building solutions around a holistic understanding of people, behaviours, and the systems they exist in – can bring value to both users and businesses.

By finding herself in fast-paced environments, discovering different cultures, and collaborating with people that have different perspectives, she creates a deep understanding of how to create product and service propositions that satisfy customers and drive opportunities for innovation. She is passionate about design in healthcare, designing across channels, to ensure consistent and rational solutions – both from the point of view of the user, as well as the client. Always striving for in-field-research, as a way of revealing insights and opportunity areas, in which we can partner with clients to discover and co-create innovative outcomes.

She holds a Master in European Design (MEDes), a unique degree program composed by a network of seven leading design school in Europe.

Masterclass: Friday, June 14th, 14:45 – 17:15
‘Healthcare twister: finding the sweet spot to enable service innovation’Are pharma companies always focused on selling pills? Is the technology partner always the one who provides innovation? Are private healthcare services always faster and more efficient than public ones? Many healthcare organisations, regardless of their role in the care ecosystem, have started to value design as a key driver of innovation. When this awareness reaches a significant level, strategic designers enter the (board) room. The role of the designer is to support the organisation to step down from their expert throne and collaborate with the other players in the healthcare ecosystem, in order to shape together a common space where everyone gives and receives value from one another. To guide stakeholders in this exercise of cross-pollination is a great challenge for designers, who themselves need to stay far from any dogma and need to study hard to be able to support the healthcare experts.Following the basic rules and dynamics of the twister game, this masterclass is an exercise of contamination of perspectives, where the goal is to find the sweet spot among stakeholders that can enable innovation. You will practice a unique methodology that allows you to explore the various roles that stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem could play when co-creating service innovation, and the value exchanged among them while generating new business models.

Who may benefit from this masterclass?

  • Senior designers working in-house, and senior design consultants interested in designing healthcare services
  • Decision makers of healthcare organisations and from other industries interested in integrating design into the innovation process
  • Service design practitioners interested in trying to put value-based design into action

Key takeaways

  • Familiarise with the concept of value-based design
  • Exploring new business models through a cross-pollination of human, business and technology perspectives
  • Gain approaches to design in high-complexity systems