Sameera Chukkapalli

Founder of Needlab

Sameera Chukkapalli (1992) is currently a fellow at the FabCity Research Laboratory in Barcelona. She founded Needlab, a non-profit research organization with the motto for the people, by the people, of the people and she is of the opinion design is responsible for making lives better. She spends most of her time drafting human-centered design solutions with communities to make them sustainable. She is passionate and driven towards solving the UN Sustainable development Goals.

Sameera graduated, with MAArch in Digital Matter and Construction, and completed Open Thesis Fabrication, on Large-Scale Natural additive construction using robots, from IAAC, Barcelona, Spain. Obtained B.Arch degree from BMSCE, Bengaluru, India, and the University of Berkeley, USA; Worked with VTN Architects in Vietnam, on the Tokyo pavilion “Bamboo Forest” for Japan and “S House”(low-cost housing prototype) for Vietnam.