Lekshmy Parameswaran

Founder, The Care Lab / fuelfor

Lekshmy Parameswaran is a designer and care activist who has been working in the area of health and care for almost two decades. In 2008, together with László Herczegh, she co-founded fuelfor, a specialist design consultancy working with a wide variety of international players within the health and care sector.

In 2017, she co-founded The Care Lab, a collaborative platform of activists willing to start a movement to transform Care, driving change through human-centred design practices in the health, social and education sectors. Their vision of Care is as an equitable, pro-active and compassionate experience that is widely accessible and that forms an integral part of everyday life, from birth to death.

Before starting fuelfor, Lekshmy was Innovation Director, Global Healthcare Team, at Philips Design. She holds a Master of Engineering degree from Cambridge University and a Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art in London.

Masterclass: Friday, June 14th, 14:45 – 17:15

‘Designing dementia-friendly communities’

This workshop invites you to reflect upon the question: How might we improve the daily life of people living in the city with dementia? We begin with a short empathy practice to understand what it feels like to live with different stages of dementia. We will share as inspiration a selection of the latest best practices around the world in the design of dementia-friendly environments. You will then have a chance to briefly explore a local neighbourhood and work with a tool for spotting opportunities for care in the community; for example:

  • How might local service touch points act as appropriate support points? 
  • How might transport infrastructure be adapted to care? 
  • How might neighbourhood stakeholders engage in caring for people with dementia – e.g. families, children, neighbours, visitors?

Who may benefit from this masterclass?

  • Anyone wanting to enhance the well-being of urban communities
  • Anyone keen to apply design and innovation capabilities to improve the experience of care for people
  • Anyone curious about the topic of dementia care
  • Anyone keen to try out some new tools to Design for Care in a real world setting

Key takeaways:

  • To understand the key challenges and opportunities in designing urban environments for people with dementia
  • Mentally zoom in and out from big picture to detail and back again
  • Use low-fi blueprinting as a way to ‘sketch’ and discuss services
  • To gain hands-on practical experience in the city using specific design for care tools that enable you to see the world through the lense of care
  • To connect with like-minded people passionate to apply human-centred design methods to transform the care experience