Lacol Goos Design Is... FAD

Lacol is a non-profit cooperative of architects working in Barcelona’s Sants district. They work with architecture for social transformation, like a tool for intervening on the nearby environment in a critical manner. Always in parallel to society, they operate fairly and with solidarity, starting with a horizontal working system.

At Lacol they consider that the way to transform the city is through the active participation of the people who inhabit it and through propositional action. The interest in their work relates to the quality of life of all the people who share the city.

The architect’s contribution occurs as part of the urban movement, as an additional piece, helping to translate the citizens’ concerns and to put them down on paper, contributing criteria for defining objectives and strategies as well as tools for delineating and communicating ideas through drawing or graphic representation. They encourage debate and discussion on the uses of public spaces and the management of urban spaces, city models, participation in and recovery of heritage, among others.