Drakis Disc, Ulldeter & Julieta Ferrari

Aleix Clavera studied a Bass and an Audio Systems degree at Taller de Músics, as well as Sound at MK3 Superior School and a Master’s Degree in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics in La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull. He is a member of the band Extraperlo, and a live musician for El Guincho since 2008, with whom he has done several tours. As Ulldeter he has published the book-record Atalaia in collaboration with Maria Pratts in Terranova Editorial. He has taken part of MACBA Es Viu with a live show in the Cala Nova project in collaboration with Goig.

Julieta Ferrari is an Illustration student at Escola Massana de Barcelona. One of her most remarkable shows is the warm up one she did for Arca in Apolo, as well as having been in the Bala Club showcase when it came to Barcelona, and in Club Marabú’s showcase in the EstRany festival in Banyoles.

Both of them are resident DJs in Club Marabú and members of the Drakis collective.