Deutsche & Japaner

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Deutsche & Japaner is a creative studio based in Mannheim, Germany. The studio was founded 2010 by Ina Yamaguchi, Moritz Firchow, David Wolpert and Julian Zimmermann.

With a distinct focus on holistic solutions, branding and visual identity as well as editorial and online performances, Deutsche & Japaner sets a high value on sustainable experiences. Passionate about detail, independent of any physical condition, the studio offers expertise in various disciplines, expanding the range of graphic design by including interior design and scenography as well as conceptual creation, art direction and type development.

The studio has worked for numerous well-known international clients from various fields ranging from fashion or music to culture, lifestyle and beauty, for instance Nike Unlaced, Nimu Roma, Ark Poncho and Haiyti. Beside serving clients, collaborative projects play a crucial role in the works of Deutsche & Japaner. Besides his studio activity, Julian teaches at several design schools, gives lectures and workshops.