Dan Newby

United States
Founder, School of Emotions

Dan Newby is the founder and leader of School of Emotions, working with partners worldwide to elevate emotional literacy, and offering courses for coaches, leaders, and parents to build a foundational understanding of emotions.

Dan is driven by his personal experience of the impact emotional literacy and learning can have as well as its profound importance in professional activities. All human beings are emotional beings which makes emotional mastery an essential competence for anyone working to improve services and collaboration.

He is the author of ‘The Unopened Gift: A Primer in Emotional Literacy’ and ‘The Field Guide to Emotions’ as well as co-creator of Emoli™ Emotion Cards, a tool for facilitation and teaching emotional literacy. His background includes training as an educator and twenty years as an ontological coach. He has been CEO of Newfield Network, considered one of the premier coaching schools globally, and has been a business leader for many years.

Masterclass: Friday, June 14th, 14:45
‘Understanding moods and emotions – Introduction to emotional literacy’

As a human-centered approach, we have learned that emotions drive consumer behaviour, consumer decision making, and customer loyalty. We also understand that emotions play an important role in co-creative group work and organisational change settings. Hence in the field of service design we find many direct references to human emotions. Some examples are ’empathising’, creating ‘customer delight’, developing an ’emotional journey map’ or even the use of mood-boards.

Emotions seem to have been largely “instrumentalised” to extrapolate the human value-adding aspects of innovation projects, however, do we actually know what moods and emotions are, where they come from and what their purpose is?

Who may benefit from this masterclass?
There are no prerequisites for this masterclass and it is specifically designed for:

  • Leaders working on product or service innovation
  • Managers of organisational change and transformation
  • Workshop facilitators who want to grow their behavioural toolbox
  • Anyone wanting to enhance their effectiveness and personal resilience to support personal and group decision-making

Key takeaways
During this masterclass we will lift the veil for understanding emotions from the designers’ perspective, allowing you to choose and use emotions more deliberately in every part of your (service) design projects. By becoming more emotionally literate you will be able to:

  • Connect with and gain meaning from your own emotions more easily
  • Notice and name key emotions
  • Understand that emotions are not “just there”, but can be selected to generate effective conversations and actions
  • Make emotions key parts of their conversations and workshops with intention

Join this interactive session and you will come away with a practical understanding of an essential tool that will deepen your ability to put humans at the center of your design.