Cristian Herrera

Cristian Herrera studied Fine Arts in Universidad de Barcelona. He is currently working as a freelance product designer. He was invited to take part in the 8th edition (2016-2017) of Creadors en residència, run by Alexandra Laudo. He received the Miquel Casablancas Award in 2014 in the piece category, with the work Dividir una muntanya. He conducted a workshop for children in Sant Andreu Contemporani, inside the education project Fènix i el Camí de Foc directed by Antoni Hervàs. He took part in a research group -focused on the idea of body, action and affection- developed by Aimar Pérez-Galí inside Sant Andreu Contemporani’s program (in december 2013). In january 2013, Sant Andreu Contemporani published Salvar un elefante amomg six other emerging artist books.