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Apparatu is the name of the design studio and ceramics atelier currently headed by Xavier Mañosa, an artist and designer who inherited an artisan tradition and his family’s workshop to find his place in contemporary ceramic art. His products are artistic, handcrafted and industrial objects.

His works are characterized by the mix of materials and the exploration of new formal expressions.
Conceptually, many of his early pieces relate to phenomena in contemporary culture, to the day to day, such as for example “Nike Hoodie Totem”, or the projects “Skate Fails” for the company FTC of San Francisco, or “Manga”, which emerged in collaboration with the New York-based Catalan designer and illustrator Alex Trochut.
His trajectory includes collaborations with prestigious labels such as Nike, bd Barcelona, Hermes, Alessi, Vitra or Camper.

The pieces made by Apparatu have been displayed in contemporary design fairs and festivals in London, Frankfurt, Saint- Étienne, Tokyo, New York, Mexico and Stockholm. Also in Madrid and Barcelona.