Anne Lacaton

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Anne Lacaton is an architect who since 1987 heads the Lacaton & Vassal architecture practice jointly with Jean-Philippe Vassal, with whom in 2008 she won the Grand National Architecture Prize. Her work in association with Vassal is a touchstone in terms of the way they make architecture in an ethical, effective and economical manner, giving priority to the needs of the people who inhabit the construction and valuing the pre-existence to improve it over decisions where aesthetics or spectacularity dominate. In short, their position is one in favour of rehabilitation rather than demolition as the most efficient strategy.

In 2014, together with Jean-Philippe Vassal, she won the Schock Award for Visual Arts presented by the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. In 2018 the Lacaton&Vassal practice was one of the five recognized with the Global Sustainable Architecture Prize. In 2019 they won the Mies van der Rohe Award.

She has been guest professor at several recognized academic centres such as New York-Buffalo University, Florida University, Madrid University, the Lausanne Polytechnic School, the Oslo Architecture School, Harvard GSD and the Neuflize OBC Pavilion at the Palais de Tokyo of Paris.