5th Sustainable Fashion Forum: Fashion for 2030. “The SDGs and fashion”


V Foro de Moda Sostenible: Fashion for 2030. “Los ODS y la moda”

The design, consumption and fashion industry in general, are taking a turn so that everything can continue to evolve without compromising the needs of our society and the planet where we live.

In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, an opportunity for countries and their societies to embark on a new path with which to improve the lives of all, without leaving anyone behind. The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which range from the elimination of poverty to the fight against climate change, education, women’s equality, the defense of the environment or the design of our cities.

A fact concerning fashion: making jeans requires about 7500 liters of water, the equivalent of the amount of that vital liquid that an average person drinks in seven years. The cost of always being fashionable is much more expensive than the monetary price we pay for it.

If we continue to work with the current business approach, emissions of polluting gases from the textile industry will increase by almost 50% by 2030.

But there are good news for the sector and on June 18, 8 professionals working in sustainable fashion brands will give us the clues to know how they have achieved in 2019 with the Sustainable Development Goals dictated by the UN for 2030.