Open day and workshops at the Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design


Open day where you can attend workshops, in particular the Jewellery, Illustration, Engraving and Printing Technique Programs as well as Artistic Bookbinding, Ceramics, Artistic Textile Printing and Dyeing and Artistic Knitting, Fashion Styling, Window Dressing Programs and PIDOD (projects and decorators).

Hours in Sant Gervasi  headquarters:
From 10 to 12am. Open school and visit the workshops of artistic prints and tints and artistic tips.
From 5 to 7 pm. Open school and visit the classrooms and workshops of Aparadorisme and PIDOD (projects and decoration works).

Hours in Sant Andreu  headquarters:
From 17 a 19 h. Open school, visit the workshops and special activities in the cycles of Jewelery, Enlightenment, Ceramics, Engraving and printing techniques and Artistic Binding.


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Organised by: Escola Superior d’Art i Disseny Llotja