SURFACE MATTERS Design & Craft Council of Ireland’s PORTFOLIO Critical Selection 2019-2020


Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s PORTFOLIO Critical Selection is a biennial publication and exhibition of leading Irish contemporary design and craft, with makers selected for achieving excellence by comparative international.

The surface matters: in craft and design it speaks of the skill and knowledge of the makers, in their understanding, handling and processing of the materials that make up the completed forms, be these raw matter like metal, wood, yarn or clay, or those mediated by manufacture, including molten glass, alloys, glazes and varnishes. The surface is also the material of making itself and the way it has been handled, not just an outer coat or covering.

Many of those in the exhibition have reached their current high standard of practice through years of refinement, although there are others who are early in their careers and already show exceptional promise. All of the designers and makers in this exhibition typify the best in contemporary Irish practice, with deep understanding of their chosen materials and techniques, and mastery of the surfaces created.

Open hours: Mon to Sat 10 -20h. Sun 10 – 14h