Smart Textil, “Corpo-Reality, pensant des de la peça”


The workshop presents a performative workshop that reflects on the relationship between body and garment. The goal is to make designers explore the movement of their own body, space and different pieces of fabric, from techniques such as Contact Improvisation. Subsequently, the role of technology within this synergy is opened to debate. In this way, the workshop proposes a vision on how to design wearables from the body experience.

The workshop will be taught by Professor Miguel González, member of the fashion unit of ESDi Higher School of Design, where he teaches the subjects of Introduction to Projects and Textile Computing since 2013. Graduated in Fashion Design and with a Master’s Degree in Art Curatorship Digital (URL), Miguel is currently doing his doctorate in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he develops the thesis “Body Kinetic Method applied to the design of Interactive Pieces”. His field of research is related to the design methodology based on the body in motion, intelligent fabrics and performing arts. His thesis project was awarded with a second prize at the PHDay Doctoral Students Conference of this University. In 2014 he was awarded, together with the research team of ESDi Higher School of Design, with the first prize for Technological Innovation at the The AppDate contest for the project The Wearable Fashion Orchestra.

The workshop is limited to the participation of 15 people. Access will be restricted by registration.

Organised by: ESDi and EATM

#BDW19, #DesignDistrict.