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Primitive Contatto


Experience on how our relationship with food changes when we eliminate utensils and dishes and designing food to be enjoyed and experimented with the hands and fingers.

The first part of the experience consists of an inspirational and thoughtful talk, called Primitive Food, which looks at the need to reconnect with nature, earth and the realm of our senses.

New technologies have provided us with an abundance of “perfection” and sophistication, which separates us from imperfection and authenticity. Enjoying the “natural”, the real, is a luxury that many appreciate more and more, therefore, it is becoming a trend.

After identifying the overall need to restore contact with others, with land and with food, we propose an experience of our relationship with food when no utensils are available.

Contatto is a culinary experience that eliminates the barriers between food and our physical perception, such as cutlery and dishes, to perceive food in a direct and sensory way thanks to the incredible tools we have: our hands. The hand becomes the protagonist of the food experience and the tool used to feel the ingredients on the skin, its textures, its temperature, its consistency, before it even reaches the mouth. The hand guides the ingredients in the palm, the wrist and the fingers, while the ingredients can cause many tactile sensations in the hand.


More information: www.elsayranzo.com
Organised by: Elsa Yranzo & Giulia Soldati