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Poblenou Design District


For a second year, the Poblenou district will be one of the protagonists of Barcelona Design Week, with a special programme on Saturday 9 June that will have four activity centres. In the Disseny Hub Barcelona, workshops on ‘Design in family’  will be organised and a projection of films from the Milano Design Film Festival will be shown from 11.30 to 14.00h: :  The Campana Brothers. Fernando & Humberto (Gabriela Brendt. Brazil, 2016) 20’; Il Treno di Sottsass, (Valeria Parisi, Italy, 2017) 50’; A Casa di Carla (Max Rommel; Italy, 2014) 10’; Marwoolus journey (Jasmin Schröder and Emanuele Marzi, Italy, 2015) 6’18’’; Design is a verb (LeftLoft, Italy, 2017) 60’. (Get your free ticket to watch these films here!)

In Palo Alto, different exhibitions will be available: “Palo Alto: origin, present and future”, “Metropolis: collection of Pichiglass Studio lamps” and exhibitions from the International Pavilion: Italy, ‘Ferri Taglienti’ and ‘Grado Zero’.

In addition, and coinciding with the European Year of Cultural Heritage and around the chimney of the old Can Saladrigas factory, there will be a tribute installation to one of the parts of the most characteristic architectural heritage of the current urban landscape of the Poblenou district, named ‘Àgora Urbana’. The installation, created by the  Margalef platform, consists of a summer pavilion, a circular agora around the fireplace. The viewer interacts with a fresh look, either by accessing the interior or sitting in the stands or surrounding the outer perimeter. Along with the Poblenou Urban District,, the designer and architect Josep Fernández Margalef will present a space for reflection, which invites us to sit down, revalue, redirect, rethink and analyze in situ an element of our heritage such as chimneys.

The closing party of the ‘Dress Rehearsal ’18: ‘The Rebellion of Objects’, to be held at the Hangar space, will put and end to the one day activity programme.

The above activities will be complemented by events organised by different spaces, professionals and companies in the area, already available on this website. Check the #PoblenouDesignDistrict programme!