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Opening conference with Humberto Campana

Courtesy of Estudio Campana. Photo by Fernando Laszlo

This year we open the 13th edition of the Barcelona Design Week with a very special guest. Humberto Campana, one of the Campana brothers, is without doubt, one of the most recognizable and prestigious studios in international design. The Campana brothers have managed to incorporate the idea of transformation and reinvention into the DNA of their work, which is precisely the main theme of this year’s edition. ‘Revalue’, in other words observing, with a new way of looking, everything that surrounds us to make us rethink attitudes and models that are not sustainable. Humberto Campana will speak about his way of understanding design at Campana Studio through his work and will explain what, according to them, is the current role of design.

The Campana brothers’ work responds to the needs of a society which is constantly evolving. His creations back up his belief that design can improve our society, and also, without losing the idiosyncrasy of the creator, in other words, always following the idea of: transforming and reinventing, giving value to poor, everyday or common materials, they achieve it through creativity in their designs, but also through taking into account very Brazilian characteristics such as colours, mixtures, creative chaos, or the success of simple solutions. All this without losing sight of the social commitment as living conditions are improved through design in a more efficient, more respectful to the environment, and more socially and economically sustainable way. In this way, the duo founded the Instituto Campana in 2009, a private non-profit civil association, which is committed to developing social inclusion and education as means to improve the life of people and rescuing craft techniques in danger of disappearing.

The Campana brothers have earned international recognition thanks to solid and committed work with our environment since the first half of the 80s. Design, according to them, is a fundamental tool at everyone’s disposal to influence attitudes and unsustainable models that lead us towards the destruction of the ecosystem. This is why there is nobody better than Humberto Campana to open the 13th Barcelona Design Week, an edition that aims to incite the world of design and society in general to revalue everything around us and to question the type of production and consumption necessary in order to achieve a sustainable future.