Objectes inquietants poc comuns


A collection of outstanding pieces curated by Il·lacions and exhibited at Collectible, the Brussels´s fair exclusively focused on the design of the 21st century. A great work of nine creators of Barcelona that go beyond what is expected. With Josep Abril, Antoni Arola, Max Enrich, Josep Maynou, Gerard Moliné, MSubiràs, Josep Puig Cabeza, Michael Roschach and Sanna Völker.

The collection is showcased as a Pop Up at Espai NU#02 of fashion designers Txell Miras, Josep Abril and Miriam Ponsa, at Valencia Street 229, where the authors will comment their pieces on Tuesday, June 18 at 7:00 p.m. With this exhibition Il·lacions reopens its doors to return to be the space that constantly redefines the possibilities of design, where disciplines converge and functional and aesthetic cannons are challenged.

A space that represents the creative drive of Barcelona, ​​the boldness to advance and expand the territory of design.

A site-specific light installation “326 Candles” by Antoni Arola welcomes the exhibition.

Open hours: 12 – 20 h, Sun. 16/6 closed