Objectar el Món

“Objectar el Món is an event based around the role of designers in tackling the key problem of our time: the need to rethink ways of coexistence between human and non-human forms of life with the goal of ensuring their – and our – survival.
To this end, we invite product design professionals to bring an object that, in their opinion, meets the material, functional, methodological, consumption or production characteristics needed in order to cease the destruction of the environment, or even initiate processes to restore it.
All the objects will be exhibited to form a heterogeneous landscape that will give testimony to the diversity of problems we face, and also, the variety of positions we have to face them. A group of experts from different fields will guide us through this landscape to broaden the common perspectives of the design scene on issues related to ecology.
Organised by: Gennís Senén, Oriol Ocaña, Berta Julià Sala (with the support of ADI-FAD)

#BDW19, #DesignDistrict.