Not just architects


The architect is often referred to as an orchestra conductor who does not need to know how to play all the instruments, but he must know about its characteristics and needs, and even more importantly, the capabilities and possibilities of all of them.

The broad and intense training of the architect has a very clear and focused base in design; Tectonics and construction are essential keys in the physical concretion of ideas; history and art place it in society and the contingencies of today; and lastly, the approach and variation of the architectural object on different scales, from the territory to the constructive detail, give it an extensive and global look.

The interest of many architects for design and creation goes beyond building and urban planning. Interest in materials and their various uses and forms; for the edition and theory of architecture; to speak and debate about architecture; Interest in the look – educated – and the graphic record are some examples. This vision of design, in a variety of forms, sizes and slopes, has traditionally led many architects to complement their profession with other professions, activities and vocations.

We want to see and show how the training of the architect feeds these “other” professions and vice versa; Because we are sure that it is a two way path and therefore there is a feedback between the architect’s training and the exercise of other disciplines.

Exercise and non-performing architects, re-invented in fashion designers, jewelers, writers, musicians, restaurateurs, television presenters …, will show us through their agile, visual and dynamic presentation their experience related to design.

We propose a marathon of presentations, 10 images and 20 minutes per participant, to explain their path to design outside the architecture. In the same space, some of the products and their design processes will be presented, thus proposing other professional outputs.

Organised by: COAC Escola Sert