«New Domestic Landscape. BCN: 2018» 
Installation by Mau Morgó

At the same time as our known ‘future’ grows old and goes out of date at an increasingly rapid rate, we are overburdening ourselves with obsolete electronic, technological and hardware trash. This refuge built from technological fossils embraces and welcomes visitors into its protective electronic womb, where communication devices (3G, 4G, Bluetooth, RFID, radio and others) do not work, protecting us from invisible harmful ‘enemies’.

To rethink the domestic experience of the future, we have designed a place that moves forward in time, a place where discarded technology and electronic trash come up against the archetypal structures we have been building for thousands of years. This trash will be so accessible that we will start to build with technology to escape technology.

By definition, the house is a refuge. A refuge where they can’t find us, where we are protected even from what is invisible. If no-one can find us, perhaps we will discover us in ourselves. Perhaps.

«New Domestic Landscape. BCN: 2018» forms part of the General Rehearsal ’18, which under the title of «The Rebellion of Objects» proposes to explore people’s affections for things in today’s society and the emotional bonds we form with them.

#Assaiggeneral, #Rebel·lioDelsObjectes.