Metrópolis – Lighting Collection Pichiglas Studio


Alfonso de la Fuente exhibits a set of light fittings inspired by the futuristic retro lines of the film, Metropolis, that touches on the Art Deco of the 1920s. The designer aims to create unique atmospheres, with symmetrical repetitions where brass and gold finishes painted in black and white, break the monotony. To do this, pieces from different moulds and periods have been selected, bringing them together to create light compositions that provide a serene atmosphere.

In this lighting collection, reused and recycled parts and moulds have been used that had already been discontinued, as is usual in Alfonso de la Fuente’s creations, which has a very personal character and a perception of light and shapes, making it possible to achieve unique lighting for each space. With moulds from the past, the aim is to make lights that last in the future. Pichiglas Studio not only designs and produces its own creations, but custom lighting projects are also offered for architects and designers, creating light fittings and sets of unique lamps that go together with all types of environments and accompany them over time.

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