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LATENT. Talent Day


Companies looking for talent, schools that promote it and young people who have a lot to offer. This is the basis of ‘LATENT. Talent Day’. A new event that all parties insisted on and that we hope will become an unmissable date every year during Barcelona Design Week.

LATENT will be: a place where you can discover the best talent coming out of design training centres throughout Catalonia. A space where young people will have the opportunity to meet finalist companies and design service entities. Where companies will have the opportunity to identify those profiles that best suit their needs. And for schools, it is an unbeatable context to showcase their educational offer and services to companies.

An Open day for the general public, with a high concentration of talent, in which multiple activities will take place at the same time: talks in the form of conversations in order to get to know young people’s experience who are working for companies with an interesting and positive background for both sides; meetings arranged between young people to find out what companies are looking for and vice versa; group workshops to put individual skills on display where young people, schools and companies will work together to overcome a challenge and get to know their mutual abilities and motivations; self-presentation stands; impromptu supply and demand spaces.

In essence, a day to bring the talent of young people and the potential of companies together. This is a fun-professional day to capture talent, discover offers and share experiences.

If you are a company or young talent and you want to participate in LATENT, sign up and book your seat!


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