Fashion expresses the characteristic values of a given time and place; and its evolution reflects the cultural, social, political and economic changes of a specific historical moment. It is a superficial expression of the profound transformation that social life passes through.

Both individually and collectively, one’s attire is a communicative phenomenon, an assembled visual language, a code that tells us about the historical period’s conception of the world, as well as the psychology of the person that manifests it through their outfit.

In its function as a sign, the solitaire diamond engagement ring is a privileged element. Turned from its first conception into a message through an image shown by an individual to society, this jewel becomes a sign for others to decode.

We analyze its origin and evolution in terms of meaning, materials and design; focusing on its current state, where through various different examples, we can sense a present in the process of deep transformation.

A 90-minute activity led by Joan Gomis, the CEO of MISUI, an innovative brand of contemporary jewelry that acts as a curator of jewelers.

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