Jorge Penadés “Diss-ign: An anti-Bobó design practice”


At the “Diss-ign: An anti-Bobó design practice” conference the (false) appearance plays a key role, Jorge Penadés finds it interesting to bring a reality different from that shown in most of Instagram’s accounts.

According to the French sociologist Pierre Merle, the notion of “bobó” – acronym of bourgeois-bohème, bourgeois bohemian– appeared for the first time on June 15, 2000 in an article in the journal Courrier international. The term describes the members of a new social group that enjoy a Bohemian life without the economic concerns that artists and true bohemians have. At this time when the (false) appearance plays a key role, Jorge Penadés belives that is interesting to bring a different reality from that shown in the majority of Instagram accounts that many of us follow.

Organized by: Escola Massana