International Pavilion: Argentina, Brazil and Italy

This year, Barcelona Design Week invites three countries to show their creative potential and to interpret “transitions” from different perspectives.

Agentina, though Santa Fe Polo de Diseño, presents “Paisajes lúdicos”” by Leticia Paschetta, an installation that explores the boundaries between art, design and architecture to create intense experiences through spaces, defying our perceptions with the great objective of lasting in the mind by way of old memories.

Brazil presents a contemporary furniture exhibition called “O sentar do Brasileiro” which invites the visitor to reflect on how we sit from different points of view: celebrations, work, religion and relaxation. This show is collaborated by the Consulate-General of Brazil

Italy will present a collection of drawings by Mario Trimarchi under the name “La ricerca della frontiera tra l’utile e l’inutile”. Trimarchi’s drawings accompany the purpose of his products, constructing an invisible boundary between ideas and reality, between dreams and the truth of things. The drawings are testimonies of his poetic search and often reveal more than what a simple product can express by itself.

Organised by: BCD Barcelona Design CentreInstituto Italiano de Cultura, Santa Fe Polo de Diseño-Gobierno de la Ciudad de Santa Fe, Paisajes Lúdicos and Proyecto Raíz
In collaboration with: Programa AL-Invest 5.0 (Argentina) and Consulado General de Italia en Barcelona
Sponsors: Consulado General de Brasil en Barcelona and Consulado General de Italia en Barcelona
Supported by: Barcelona City Council