Homes of the future: sustainability and comfort


Talk on new ways of understanding construction and the home. Professionals in the industry join forces to achieve more sustainable housing and with less consumption. Interpreting ideas and giving shape to the needs, plans and desires of those who will live there.

15,000 years ago, man painted a few drawings on cave walls, which made it something much more beautiful and comfortable. Almost 2,000 years ago in Rome, Vitruivi, developed a treaty that laid the foundations of classical architecture and concluded that constructions should be solid, useful and beautiful in the same proportion. In the 20th century, a Swiss man, Le Corbusier, defined housing as a habitable space tailored to man, projected thinking about the way its dwellers live.

A prehistoric cave, a house or a 102-story building, inhabited by humans, that have evolved throughout history and will continue to do so. And, absolutely everyone, pursues the same desire: to find a space where we can belong. To find, ultimately, well-being.

With the participation of:
Antoni Sáez Antón
Architect Director Technical Office PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

Miriam Sánchez López
Project Manager Architecture PMP Prêt-à-porter casas

Josep Bohigas – Architect

Oscar Guayabero – Curator, editor, paradesigner

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