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General Rehearsal ’18: ‘The Rebellion of Objects’


FAD is back with a new General Rehearsal, this time, going out onto the street and questioning citizens in order to address, through design, a topic that concerns us as a society: the lack of people’s affection and emotional tie with objects, associated with today’s production and consumption model.

At the General Rehearsal ’18, curated by the artist David Bestué and the architects Moisés Puente and Miquel Mariné, a group of young generation creators and all creative disciplines of FAD (fashion, industrial and graphic designers, artisans, artists and architects) are coming together to produce the context/content for an event that’s halfway between a party, a still life made of objects, and a public exhibition that will invite us to delve into what the construction of affections in the contemporary world might entail.

Whilst it is true that this new consumer society appears to have undermined the affection we feel for things and a great extent of this is due to their limit durability (as an important way to build affection is through time), it is also true that new forms of affection are appearing towards everything that surrounds us and everything that has been designed. In the 2018 General Rehearsal, we are not looking to nostalgically recover these old affections based on durability, but of delving what the construction of these new affections through new subjectivities might entail.

In the General Rehearsal ’18 we are inviting citizens to reflect on this topic by participating in a festive montage, a great party-still life resulting from the joint work undertaken by creators with a lot of talent. Fashion, industrial, graphic designers, artisans, artists and architects will create a sort of collector’s cabinet that will question us by playing with the ambiguity between product and waste, significance and insignificance. The aim of this is to get people to question themselves on the current system in place and its production and consumption mechanisms.

The artists that will participate are Sara de Ubieta (crafts), Roberto Piqueras y Eme Rock (fashion design), Ana Domínguez (graphic design and art direction), Sociedad 0 (industrial design), Cristian Herrera (industrial design), Takk (architecture), Albec Bunsen (fashion design), Boldtron (3D and art direction), Mau Morgó (industrial design and art direction), Drakis Disc – Ulldeter y Julieta Ferrari (DJs) and Aimar Pérez Galí (choreographic instructions).

Materfad with the team of Elisava Research will be in charge of the teaching part of the event contextualizing the materials and the processes that will be behind the protagonist artwork «The Rebellion of Objects».

This will be the third General Rehearsal organised by FAD. This year there is a new format that involves a drill on a city-wide scale to explore global problems. Whilst in 2016, the topic was food production and the consumption model, in 2017 it was tourism and subsequently in 2018 we are setting out to review together with citizens our emotional ties with objects within today’s consumer system.

#Assaiggeneral, #Rebel·lioDelsObjectes.

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