ExpoSURE 2019. Photographers as Designers, Designers as Photographers


Collective exhibition of the students of the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and publishing design of EINA. On the walls of the Barra de Ferro gallery, photographs challenge you, in a public and shameless exhibition. On the tables, the more modest photobooks offer an intimate and private reading of the photographers’ gaze, of their inner worlds. A one-on-one conversation between the reader and the photographer-designer. Memory and the search for individual and collective identity take shape in the work of this year’s ExpoSURE collective in EINA.

Participants: Danny Arcos Tigasi, Raque Ares Garaboa, Alejandro Cadena Vásconez, Margarita Díaz Ortiz, Mariona Font Marsal, Sofía Gómez Aranda, Martina Jané i Gutiérrez, Maria Victoria Lopez, Júlia Millet Abascal, Mónica Morcego Llonch, Víctor Moreno Eguren, Júlia Ribera Marsal, Alba Sadurni Sala, Marc Villalba Moras.


#BDW19, #DesignDistrict.