Exposition «From the World to the Museum. Product Design, Cultural Heritage»: New Pieces

Update to the permanent product design exhibition with 36 new pieces.


As a result of the donations in recent years, the Museum of Design is presenting a selection of 36 new pieces that have been incorporated into the discourse of the “From the World to the Museum” exhibition


Among these pieces are works by well-established designers such as Gemma Bernal and Javier Mariscal, and others who only recently appeared such as Estudi IDP, Closca Design, Mut Design, Ana Hernando, Josep Maria Magem or GR Lab Studio. There are also companies with extensive experience such as Marset, Flamagas or Miele, and others that have been incorporated for the first time into the Museum’s collection, such as Expormim, Hed Cycling International, CuldeSac Espacio Creativo or MADOM.

Likewise, there are objects that until now were not represented such as the HED 3 aerodynamic bicycle wheel, the Closca Fuga folding helmet, the For the Love of God! bench/bed by Curro Claret, or the popular Clipper pocket lighter.

Several of these objects have received the Delta ADI-FAD awards or the Red Dot Design Award.


Admission: €6 (general admission), €4 (reduced admission)

Organised by: Design Museum of Barcelona