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Education for social design

In the occasion of the 13th edition of Barcelona Design Week, EDIVI network proposes a debate on the state of the art of teaching social impact design in Catalonia. Curro Claret will be opening the debate with a short keynote, a reference with his design practice and also collaborating with many design schools over the years. It will followed by a presentation of student projects and a panel among some of the teachers involved in the network.


18.30 h. Docència per al disseny d’impacte social. Conference by Curro Claret, design mentor with broad experience as a teacher and collaborator in design schools.

18:50 h. Convivència intercultural i migració. Project presentations from xarxa EDIVI students.

19.10 h. Round table moderated by Tània Costa with members from every xarxa EDIVI school:

Mariona Genís, BAU, University Design Center
Cristina Morales, EINA, University Center for Design and Art
Danae Esparza, ELISAVA, University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona
David Falagan, Escola Massana, Art and Design Center of Barcelona
Silvestre Olivares, Escuela Superior de Diseño y Arte Plástico de Cataluña – ESDAP
Toni Mañach, ESDi, School of Design
Raffaella Perrone, IED Barcelona, School of Design
Joan Morales, University of Barcelona, Department of Visual Arts and Design