DUP 2019 – Tribute to Etel Adnan


Coinciding with the 14th edition of the BDW 2019 L&B Gallery presents the 4th edition of the DUP | Design Unique Piece, an annual collectable design event, which opens on June 6. The gallery is pleased to propose “DUP 2019 | Tribute to Etel Adnan” curated by Guendalina Perelli – expert in communication who works betwen Milan and Barcelona and editor of thesignspeaking design magazine – inspired by the work of the renowned Lebanese artist Etel Adnan (Beirut, 1925), establishes a dialogue between 19 designers who, by birth or election, reside in Barcelona: Antoni Arola, Botanica Textil, Luca Hugo Brucculeri, Jordi Canudas, Carla Cascales Alimbau, Irene Cases, Miguel Giner Gutierrez, Romina Gris, Massimiliano Moro, Cristina Noguer Guardiola, Pichiglas, Marria Pratts, Raquel Quevedo, Señorita Lylo, Julen Ussia Guillén, Valeria Vasi, Josep Vila and Capdevila, Sanna Völker, Yomuto.

The exhibition presents unique pieces of design that contribute to harmoniously creating a home with the essence of Etel Adnan. The title of this year’s BDW 2019 is “Transitions” and the link created with the sample is not limited to the binomial art and design; DUP 2019 I Tribute to Etel Adnan is an invitation to travel through the spaces of the gallery as one who travels between the rooms of a house, paying attention to the different designs that inhabit it.

“I feel that places act on thought through light,” wrote the Lebanese artist in her book Des villes et de femme. “Phosphorescence affects our spirit, the world turns inside our head, shapes our thoughts with new angles. The perception of things signals a change, and our interests change, our passions can change tonality “. In her book Adnan also speaks of Barcelona, ​​city in which she spent a season. And whoever lives in the county capital can confirm it, above all the creatives who in their works and actions print the transforming power of their light. Guendalina Perelli said that that “Etel Adnan is a polyhedral artist who has the power to fascinate. Looking at her paintings and reading her texts, the desire to offer her a tribute in a city to which Adnan has esteem has immediately arisen. For the fourth edition of the DUP I have looked for designers who with their creations helped me to recreate that energetic and at the same time intimate atmosphere that emanate their works “.


Opening hours during BDW: Mo – Fr: 10 h to 14 h | 16 h to 19 h. Sat: 11 h to 14 h

COCKTAIL during  BDW: 13th of June from 19h to 21h