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Do you design or work? The new visual communication. 1980-2003

For the first time the exhibition shows the Graphic Design collection that the Museu del Disseny has kept from those years, largely resulting from the involvement of the designers who were the creators. This period coincides with the great design “boom” of the eighties which came about as a result of the restoration of democracy in Spain, and shows this burst of euphoria and opportunities in a world where there was still much to do: New corporate images, political propaganda, recovery of the native past, first studies on historical design, discovery of several international lines…

The Barcelona of the 1992 Olympic Games has a prominent role, which contributed to projecting a new and modern image of the city. Despite the crisis of the nineties, the arrival of new technologies – especially the Macintosh computer -, the growth of the Internet and new interactive media encouraged experimentation, especially in the field of typography, and young designers trained in schools set out on new paths while the profession was becoming established and, at the same time, becoming internationalized. In 2003, the Year of Design took place, symbolizing a new way of understanding and reshaping design.

This exhibition, which will be inaugurated on the occasion of the Barcelona Design Week, will become one of the permanent exhibitions of the Museu del Disseny. It will be free access on June 9 and 10. From then on, the general admission will be € 6, and € 4 the special ticket.