Design in Diagonal: Experience 12 Kilometres of Creativity!

Design will be crossing the city of Barcelona during the Barcelona Design Week with a tour of creative activities for different spaces that are spread out across the almost 12 kilometres of Diagonal Avenue, a unique axis in Barcelona that will be a hotspot of design and creativity for a week.

This year, the BDW is hosting the first edition of “Design in Diagonal”, an initiative promoted by BCD Barcelona Design Centre in collaboration with The Creative Net, with the participation of flagship stores, shop windows, hotels, restaurants and other featured spaces on the city’s main artery. These spaces will open their doors to the public to show off their interpretation of this year’s motto for the Barcelona Design Week, “Transitions”, through various creatives whose goal is to help the public get a closer look at the role of design.

Exhibitions, round tables, architectural routes, talks, workshops and installations will be just a few of the key aspects to experiencing the transitions proposed by the creatives: urban, social, cultural, disruptive or digital transitions will invade some of the most representative sites on Diagonal Avenue.

Check out the first activities here!