Can we measure creativity? How can we decode the creative process?

These are some of the questions that the Decoding European Creative Skills project has presented to generate a system that permits decoding the creative profiles competencies.

The 13th of June at 18:30, DECS FEST will take part in “Arts Santa Mònica” where Ferran Adrià will be talking about the creative process and the team of the project will share their first conclusions of this ambitious investigations. It’s a free entrance event and we invite everyone to participate, specially professionals, students and companies related to the creative field.

This project comes from the collaboration with Ferran Adrià and it has been co-financed by the European Creative program from the European Union lead by ELISAVA, with the University of Technology of Eindhoven and the University of Applied Sciences Fachhochschule of Salzburg and the collaboration of Domestic Data Streamers.

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We will meet to discover your competencies

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