Nomon Design: Creation of Zicla’s branding, a sustainable company


Conference + Co-Creation workshop in which Nomon Design and Zicla will share their success case study: How to develop a brand identity for a sustainable company, in constant transition, which transforms waste into business opportunities. Since 2005 Zicla works to transform waste generated in the cities into new materials for the industry, new products for urban furnishings and into solutions for traffic management (such as urban planters, separators for cycling lanes or platforms for accessibility of public transportation).

In 2015, Nomon Design started collaborating with Zicla in its process of market repositioning and internationalisation. Thanks to the analysis and their collaborative work, they developed a people-centred communication strategy, based on design and innovation culture, that connects with the diversity of its audience, such as users, town councils or partners.

Based upon this strategy, a brand personality and attributes was defined which resulted in Zicla’s new corporate image and brand storytelling, as well as a set or communication arguments to use in its particular business field.

After the case presentation, Nomon Design and Zicla will carry out a Co-Creation workshop, along with the attendees, which will allow them to identify and reflect on the current and future mobility needs in large cities. Together they will seek and present solutions with the help of the strategic value of design.

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