Brands vs Users. The big challenges for brands in the coming years


We are experimenting social, economic or technological transformations which are leading to an important change of paradigm.

In the years to come these transformations are going to be a big challenge for all the brands, the new generation of consumers have expressed their mistrust in them and they have also turned their backs on big brands. In addition, media is dispersing, new markets are growing, substituting conventional ones, consumers are overwhelmed and they are rebelling.

This conference will be a place to debate these and other related issues with Branding and Communication experts who are going to give us answers to questions like:

-Brand’s purpose beyond their notoriety

-Is the influencers era over?

-Which new media or platforms are going to appear?

-How could brands get used to this new paradigm?

-Brands humanization in digital age

-Consumer empowerment

-Uncertainty caused by disruption


Organised by: LaBasad