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YOMUTO: Design Unique Piece (DUP) 2018 Exhibition

L&B gallery has the pleasure to organize the third edition of DUP (Design Unique Piece) with a selection of Yomuto’s projects of 2018.
Yomuto’s proposal fits this year’s BDW theme, which sees design as a fundamental tool for humans to fight against the destruction of the environment, revaluing their surroundings.
Yomuto uses artistic recycling and the reuse of memory, coming up with an iconographic vision of domestic life. Although their ma- terials are simultaneously recycled, they still respect the past of each object, conveying memories and emotional values in the way they restore them, composing what they call “magical structures connected by inspiration”.
They use materials from markets, second hand shops and end of season objects mainly in glass but also leftovers of different artisanal and industrial objects, collaborating with famous brands from the design world. They create a sophisticated language that expresses the conflicts and diversity emanating from the current multicultural world.

The exhibition is divided in three spaces that introduce Yomuto’s most important projects of 2018. The showcase starts with the pieces from the collaboration with the famous italian synthetic glass brand Marioluca Giusti in which Yomuto faces the challenge of working with materials that allow them to broaden the diversity of their proposals. Next, the project ordered by the Bicester Village Shopping Collection and lastly, apart from the latest pieces made exclusively for the exhibition, the presentation of the catalogue for the exhibition project Remade: making ordinary objects go behind their functionality, presented at the 1971 Design Space in Shar- jah last March which will remain opened until late June.

YOMUTO is a creative team based in Barcelona, by the artist Xavi Muñoz (Barcelona, 1975) and industrial designer Federico Tosco (Torino, 1983).

Opening: Wednesday 6th June, 19h. Xavi Muñoz and Federico Tosco (Yomuto) will attend the exhibition.

More information: www.lbcontemporaryart.com
Organised by: L&B Gallery