“3 Future Ways of Living 2020”

Trend expert Gudy Herder and food designer Elsa Yranzo join forces to bring “Trends & Food” to the Barcelona Design Week 2019.

The event consists of two parts:

We will start with “3 Future Ways of Living 2020”, an in-depth conference where lifestyle trends such as ‘Regeneration’, ‘Ceremony’ and ‘Knowmadism’ are shared providing core messages of each, explanations why they are relevant today and tomorrow, revealing materials and corresponding colour palettes.

Afterwards, the audience will participate in a gastronomic installation designed and inspired by the three trends, in order to interact with new materials, stimulate the six senses and reflect on the values and change of today’s society. We’d love to welcome you to our multi-sensorial storytelling experience!

Limitated places

Organised by: Eclectic Trends i Elsa Yranzo

#BDW19, #DesignDistrict.