The gender of design and the FAD Awards at Barcelona Design Week

The FAD’s programme of activities for Barcelona Design Week 2020 aims to continue its in-depth examination of the “good design” concept with a new cycle of activities revolving around the social construct of what is regarded as gender. The Forum FAD ’20 cycle of «The Gender of Design» will explore how gender projections have had and continue to have an impact on the design processes, on the uses and on the readings of objects and social spaces. We will analyze what the gender of design was and is, placing the spotlight on the project as a space for constructing and replicating these relations.

In a talks session and other activities we will ask ourselves how we should be designing today, based on the demands and transformations in gender rights. Spaces, products, identities, campaigns, services… from a gender perspective, nothing of what we design is neutral. Because design and architecture are a key cultural practice in the construction of sociocultural patterns.

Yet another year, profession, talent, innovation, competitiveness, recognition of excellence and the culture of design will take their place at BDW 2020 with the prize-giving ceremonies of the awards presented by the FAD associations. These prestigious recognitions go back a long way and honour the best of the best in different design disciplines.

16 June will thus be the date for the ADI Awards 2020 for Industrial design presented by ADI-FAD, which groups together the 40th edition of the Delta Awards, the 28th edition of the ADI Medals and the 3rd edition of the ADI Culture Awards. Next day, 17 June, will be the occasion for the 62nd edition of the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design presented by ARQUIN-FAD. Finally, the Laus Night 2020 will close the Catalan capital’s design week with the 50th edition of the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication, presented by ADG-FAD.

In addition, a FAD classic is celebrating its 10th year by taking the pulse of the vitality shown by a sector that never ceases to surprise us: the «Best Design of the Year» exhibition which, in collaboration with the Design Museum, will open during the Museum Night (16 May) and will remain open until 30 August. It will bring together the shortlisted and prize-winning candidates of this year’s different awards. A unique opportunity for taking a close-up look the main trends found in the world of design today, in all of its expressions.