«Garden in Red» by Campari during Barcelona Design Week

Foto: Noelia Felip

«Garden in Red», created by Barcelona-based Gravina studio for Campari, is a pop-up installation with more than 400 plants established over different volumes in which vegetation, light and a liquid circuit generated the unexpected effect sought by the Italian brand in its interventions. The proposal was based on uniting three key concepts: gaining volume; the mixture of natural and artificial; and the Unexpected Red concept characteristic of the brand.

The vegetation was planted in different tubs that generated a metallic mesh to create a mobile composition in three dimensions. In contrast to traditional vertical gardens, through volume it succeeded in better integrating the rest of the elements for the installation: the bar counter and the participants.

The combination of natural and artificial was proposed as a compositional play between elements, starting from the idea that Campari is a drink obtained from infusing bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruits, resulting in a vibrantly red drink. Different metal gratings arranged the wild vegetation as a metaphor for emotion (nature) and rationality (the grid).

Lastly, the Unexpected Redconcept was brought into the composition through light and liquid. Light appeared indirectly as an entity issuing forth from the vegetation, whilst a red-tinted liquid circuit flowed from module to module with perfect precision.

Campari was present with its Unexpected Red cocktails (Americano, Tonic, Orange and Negroni) at all the major celebrations of the Barcelona Design Week’18, such as the opening party and the presentations of the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design, the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication, the ArtsFAD Awards for Artistic Creation and the ADI Awards for Industrial Design.

For its third consecutive year as a sponsor of the FAD, the co-organizer of the BDW’18, it produced a creative installation in a quest to raise the profile of the talent of an emerging design studio, Gravina, cofounded by Gennís Senén, an ADI-FAD member, reinforcing the brand’s connection with the creative community and with local excellence in design, contemporary art and architecture.