Fujifilm Instax Board for the BDW 2018

The participation of Instax as a collaborator of the Barcelona Design Week was not limited to presenting cameras to the winners of the MODA-FAD, ArtsFAD or the ARQUIN-FAD Habitàcola Awards. Nor to the official photoflyer who could be found handing out souvenir snapshots to the attendees at the inaugural party or at the majority of scheduled functions during this thirteenth edition. This year, the brand wanted to get more actively involved with the Fujifilm Instax Board, a mural featuring a summary of images of the major activities at the BDW ’18 from the viewpoint of 5 members of the different FAD disciplines, equipped with the new Fujifilm Instax SQ6.

In a context distinguished by the success of the «stories» phenomenon on Instagram and the predilection of web users for live monitoring the events they attend through these ephemeral moments that only last 24 hours, we wanted to adapt the idea and capture and share the highlights of Barcelona’s Design Week through a more personal gaze, through the eyes of the FAD community. Instantaneous and immediate? Yes. But in this case analogue and permanent if you so wish.

Discover the experience of the five members who participated with their answers to a series of questions asked to gain a better understanding of how they lived the BDW’18 when observing it through the camera lens. Take a look!