Three exhibitions are still running!

The Barcelona Design Week has just finished, but the three exhibitions opened at the Barcelona Design Hub can still be visited.
“The best design of the year”, was an unmissable exhibit in terms of understanding what’s going on in the world of design and architecture today, since it showed off more than 500 finalist products and winners of the prizes presented by the FAD associations for the various design disciplines: of Architecture and Interior Design, the creative arts, and from ADG for Graphics and Visual Communication, ADI for Industrial Design and Design Culture as well as the new MODA-FAd pulses. This exhibition can be seen in the Barcelona Design Hub Room until the 14th of October.

The exhibition “Basic. A walk to ask question ourselves” where the visitor was invited to reflect on the current goods and services production and consumption model and to rethink if it makes sense to live in an economy based on infinite growth in an environment of infinite resources. The exhibition consists of five facilities that recreate a walk through a park where we rethink consumption and responsible production; more inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and communities; the universal access to water and clean energy, the effects of climate change and the conservation of ecosystems (marine and terrestrial). It will be open until the 22nd of July.

In addition, the ‘Design Museum’ has inaugurated a new permanent exhibition: “Do you design or work. The new visual communication. 1980 – 2003”, an exhibition that presents a journey through the history of graphic design in Catalonia and Spain since the eighties (with the cultural euphoria that led to the consolidation of democracy) up to the year 2003 (Year of Design celebration). The exhibition can be seen on the 4th Floor of the Design Museum.