Design to revalue everything that surrounds us

Under the slogan of «Revalue», the Barcelona Design Week 2018 will be implementing a comprehensive programme of activities revolving around the idea of taking a fresh look at everything that surrounds us and to rethink poorly sustainable attitudes and models.

This year the Barcelona Design Week will address through design a topic that will concern us all: the situation and consequences of consumer society. Can we continue with the current production and consumption model of goods and services? And base our economy on a system of infinite growth? How do we relate to everything we have or want to have?

Every day, many of us ask ourselves similar questions when we have the overwhelming desire to buy things that we often know we do not need. Some even go further and ask themselves how those products were made, what they offer us, where they come from, with which materials they were made, which hands and technologies made them possible, what will their useful life be and what will happen to them when that life ends.

Design, in all its expressions, is a crucial tool at the disposal of everyone for reversing these poorly sustainable attitudes and models that are leading us to the destruction of the ecosystem. We need to rethink processes in order to redirect the system towards a more sustainable production and society towards a more critical and conscious consumption.

The 13th staging of the Barcelona Design Week thus wants to stimulate both the profession and the citizens to revalue everything that surrounds us and to question the type of consumption needed in order to achieve a sustainable future. And, above all, to encourage us to become re-excited and to re-feel in the material as well as in the relational aspect. From 5 to 14 June, an extensive programme will be available, with activities for every kind of public in order to re-signify the concept of good design in its ultimate purpose of serving society.
This month of June you are all invited to revalue, reconnect, re-signify, re-excite, re-estimate, rethink and redesign.